Zoom Post

ZOOM - TEST POST Hello Tamar! According to my daughter, FOMO is a condition that has afflicted the freshman in her college dorm. They are so excited about their new school and the thrill of meeting new people, they don’t want to miss out on a single moment. They will stay up [...]

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How does your fear serve you?

You are an expert in you. After all, you know yourself better than anyone else does. A client recently reminded me how we use this expertise to focus on our flaws and beat ourselves up. We’re so good at it. We clearly see every little thing that’s wrong with us. In [...]

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Making Change Stick

It takes a change in mindset to incorporate a new approach to something. When we're successful, the payoff is great. What helps to make something new stick in our lives when the gravitational pull toward our familiar patterns of thinking and doing is so strong? Often, we don't notice when we depart from our [...]

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Choose Your Fantasy

Whatever fantasy you choose to believe about yourself becomes your reality. Think about a good day when you have a lot of confidence and you feel on top of the world.  On that day, you know the work you produce will be high quality, your contribution in meetings will be strong, and your interactions with friends and [...]

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The Comparison Trap

True confession.  I have been caught in a Comparison Trap. I have been comparing myself to other people and wondering why everyone is better than me.  I have to tell you, this is a horrible place to be. When I compare myself to others, I see how they are wonderful, and how I'm not [...]

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Plan for your Performance Review Now

The year is cruising along. For many of us, performance reviews feel like a welcome thing of the past, something to put out of our mind for another year, something that makes us cringe and wish we could avoid at all costs.  I've been there.  I've gone into reviews looking for validation and scared I [...]

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