z gven
I know someone who is very talented in his profession and very confident in his abilities. When you speak to him, he can give you examples of how he is effective. If you ask him to give a presentation, he knows what will work and what won’t. He’s not bragging. He’s stating the facts as he sees them. I believe him. Everyone believes him. Everyone thinks he’s great at what he does because his actions support his words. He always delivers a high quality product that is a result of a great deal of thought and work.

What if you don’t feel this way? What if you don’t have that kind of confidence? Perhaps, it’s because you’re in a new role or you don’t have years of experience in your field. How can you convince yourself to feel confident?

Fake it until YOU believe it.

Our thoughts influence our actions. Imagine yourself going into a new situation and feeling confident. Imagine really feeling confident. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.

Fake feeling confident until you BELIEVE it.

The reality is that you have earned your confidence. If you are in a new role, you were chosen to be in that role because of your talents. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be in the role. I’m not advocating that you pretend you know things you don’t  know. I’m advocating for standing up straight and owning who you are. The truth is, others will respond to the vibes that you put out into the world. Like attracts like. If you put out confident vibes, others will respond and have more confidence in you.

Imagine feeling confident as you start your day. Imagine feeling confident as you walk into a meeting. Imagine feeling confident as you meet with your boss or your staff. Exuding confidence will help you come across as genuine.

With practice, you will learn to feel more natural in your confidence. No one will know that you didn’t always feel this way.