shutterstock_217333375You Have What it Takes.

Yes, you do.

So, why do we feel lost sometimes, like we don’t have what it takes?

It’s because we can’t hear ourselves. We clutter up our minds with noise that gets in the way of accepting ourselves. It’s the noise of “I’m not good enough.”

“If I only I was ____________.” (fill in the blank) or “I hope no one notices that I don’t really know what I’m doing.” We each have our own personal favorite.

This noise is our constant companion and it keeps us from seeing the unique gifts that we bring to the world. It keeps us from seeing the unique gifts that others bring to the world. It makes us feel heavy and weighted down.
What would happen if we let go of the noise?
Instead of embracing the noise, you choose to let yourself be, to shine, and you allow the people around you to be themselves and to shine.
No judgement.
No noise.
Joe looks in the mirror. He sees a superhero in the reflection. It's a metaphor of the power which is in each person

(He looks in the mirror and sees a superhero in the reflection. He lets himself see who he really is)
It’s an exhilarating feeling!
You become grateful.
Grateful in a way you have never felt before.
Grateful for everyone around you because you get to experience how wonderful they are.
Grateful because you feel free. You feel light. You don’t feel pulled down by the noise.
From this place of gratitude, it’s easy to see that you have what it takes.
You can feel it in the fiber of your being.
You don’t have to change who you are.
You are a superhero.
You just need to let yourself BE who you are.
You Have What It Takes!

Pictures courtesy of Shutterstock and Fotolio